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Varoom 34 – Well, Well, Well

  Varoom 34 – the Well, Well, Well issue illustration, culture, society Autumn 2016  Cover image by Patrik Svensson Purchase here   Self-confidence, the complexities of the human body, anxiety, relationships with pets and a monastic retreat: looking at health and wellbeing through personal experience and historical imagery, the Well, Well, Well issue of Varoom explores […]


Varoom 33 – Collaborators

Varoom 33 – the Collaborators issue illustration, culture, society Spring 2016 Cover image by University of Brighton BA Graphic Design and Illustration Class of 2016 Purchase here   The unexpected encounter, the discontinuity of everyday life, the stuff that interrupts our normal behaviours. We often understand collaboration as the sum of two talents, but it’s really […]

Varoom 32 featured

Varoom 32 – The New

Varoom 32 – The New Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Winter 2016 Cover image by Marshmallow Laser Feast Photograph by Luca Marziale Purchase here   Covering social media for illustrators, what the new canon (influences, directions) for illustration could be, virtual reality through the eyes of a dragonfly, a children’s book made of cards, a cat in […]


Varoom 31 – the Visionaries issue

Varoom 31 – The Visionaries Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Autumn 2015 Cover illustration by Jason Lamb Purchase here This issue is about celebrating the visionary work of illustrators, the image-making that shapes our relationship with the world, that inspires us to a more creative engagement with the world. Though we often think of the visionary […]

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Varoom 30 – Play

Varoom 30 – The Play Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Summer 2015 Cover illustration by Gary Card Purchase here In an age when familiar expectations about our working lives are being disrupted, illustrators hold a trump card. Play is how we invent new creative, commercial and political spaces New York illustrator Jennifer Maravillas writes in this […]


Varoom 29 – Politics

Varoom 29 – The Politics Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Spring 2015 Cover illustration by Studio Smack Purchase here Varoom 29 highlights new directions in tackling the idea of politics, from the expanding platforms for American political cartoons in the 21st century, to politics and images presented together in the Graphic Design Festival in Breda and the challenges certain […]

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Varoom 28 – Fashion

Varoom 28 – The Fashion Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Winter 2015 Cover illustration by Quentin Jones Purchase here When is that perfect moment of Fashion, when you could be perfectly, ‘in Fashion’? That’s not a social anxiety, it’s just the kind offbeat musing that Fashion projects often provoke.  This issue features many extravagantly offbeat visual ideas, from Zoë […]

Varoom 27 featured

Varoom 27 The Hermenauts

Varoom 27 – The Hermenauts Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Autumn 2014 Cover illustration by Takeru Toyo Purchase here Hermenauts seek to interpret, and this is the theme of Varoom 27: how illustration is able to interpret text narratives, gender in images, the commissions received from clients, software glitches, Japanese comics and more. Chris Campe examines how […]


Varoom 26 – Style

Varoom 26 – The Style Issue Illustration, Culture, Society Summer 2014 Cover illustration by Matthew Richardson Purchase here The Style issue endeavors to answer the unanswered questions revolving around ‘Style’, delving deep into its depths and challenging the definition of style, from typography to fashion, the preconceived ideas to the actualities, the creators to the […]