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V28 Fashion – Illustrating Prada

    “I’m kind of famous for introducing ugliness in fashion,” says Miuccia Prada. “But it’s not that I introduced ugliness in fashion, I want to introduce normal life and pure life, and what is around. I want to really try to understand what is beauty and what is a possible beauty today.” In 2014 […]


V28 Fashion – Marni and Brian Rea

Artist collaborations with fashion designers prove that figurative illustrated images are not mere decoration, but instead provide the basis for the design by becoming an integral part of the design process and ultimately the message the designer wishes to convey. Varoom 28 article, Illustrating Prada, revealed the illustrations behind two high profile Prada collections. The […]


Great Sleeve Art and the Creative Fold of Sound and Image

For our Hermenauts issue, we asked illustrators Ellen Weinstein, Ian Wright and Olimpia Zagnoli, designers Mario Hugo and Silvia Sfligiotti and journalist and editor Mark Richardson to reflect on the interpretive power of great sleeve art. John O’Reilly reflects on the creative fold of sound and image Great album art sits between communication and the […]

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Varoom 27: Japanese comics tradition

    The experimental comic books of Seiichi Hayashai are being discovered by a new generation in the West. In Varoom 27, Zoe Taylor explains how his approach transformed a tradition of image-making, and discusses style, process and exploration in an interview with Hayashai himself. Read on for an extract of the interview.   ZT: […]

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Varoom 27: It’s Interpre-perpetual!

Illustrator and writer Paul Davis creates a regular column for Varoom, full of wit amusement and sometimes bile. Below is his contribution to Varoom 27 – The Hermenauts. It’s a headline, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of life – Davis on modern life’s endless circus of perpetual interpretation, the Interpre-petual from the art of the Resurrection to […]


Interpretation event – who said what

The Interpretation symposium was held 18-19 September 2014, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth. We present a short report on the content of the event: Interpretation was the theme of September 2014’s VaroomLab symposium on illustration, held in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Illustrators, students and academics all attended the event, which explored ways in which illustrators interpret, re-interpret and misinterpret information through illustration […]


Interpretation: The Redheaded Man

The Redheaded Man is an accelerating journey downhill, where the main character is removed from all his features, until there is nothing left of him – or the story. Written by Soviet absurdist Danil Kharms, Minna Alanko’s study breaks down the tale into three visual/creative entrypoint elements to the story. The piece is a rich, methodical […]

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Interpretation: The Designer Toy Platform

DARWIN / The Designer Toy Platform as a M­eans of Academic Inquiry Justin Novak, Associate Pro­fessor, Ceramics, Illustration, Visual Art and Material Practice Director, Centre for Applied Art and Material Production (CAAMP) Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada Key Words: Designer Toys, Illustration, Ceramics, Artist Multiple, Slip Casting Abstract Collaboratively designed by students and […]


The Varoom Report: Change V16

Change THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Autumn 2011 ISSUE 16 “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself,” said Andy Warhol. Varoom Editor, John O’Reilly, introduces each issue of Varoom with his Report, drawing together the different elements of the issue which are grouped around it’s theme.  Picturing the world as […]