The Varoom Report: Emerging Nations Issue V17

Emerging Nations Issue THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Introduction to ISSUE 17 Winter 2011/2012 by John O’Reilly In the emergent BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) where illustrators are exploring local visual traditions and new international styles, where they find themselves in brash new economies run by old-school establishments, Irony is often a form of self-preservation for […]


Varoom 30 – Dramatic play

English National Opera (ENO) frequently use illustration in their promotional imagery with the aim to make opera open and accessible to anyone. For Varoom‘s Play issue we spoke to Claire Round, Director of Marketing and Brand at ENO, who says, “Appealing and engaging illustrations that capture people’s attention are certainly one of the methods that […]


V29 – LOL! The changing formats of humour

In Varoom 29 Politics issue editor John O’Reilly conducts a series of interviews with Jen Sorensen, Liza Donnelly, Mark Fiore and Molly Crabapple about the evolution of political cartoons in the 21st century. In this extract, we give a glimpse of Mark Fiore and Molly Crabapple‘s approach on this subject within animation, showing how political cartooning can effectively transition to […]


V29 – American Histories: Official and Unofficial

As part of Varoom 29 Politics issue Ann Field examines different uses of drawing by Guantanomo court artist Janet Hamlin and punk icon Raymond Pettibon,whose contrasting styles shine a light on American politics in the21st Century. Here visual journalist Janet Hamlin expands on her interview published in Varoom 29, discussing how she captures the courtroom […]

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V29 – The Radicals from 1981

1981 was a year of riots in Brixton, Toxteth, Moss Side and other cities across the UK,  brought about by the destruction of manufacturing industry and mass unemployment that nearly doubled to 2.5 million. A group called “Women for Life on Earth” marched from Cardiff to RAF Greenham Common to protest against the newly installed Cruise […]

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V28 Fashion – Illustrating Prada

    “I’m kind of famous for introducing ugliness in fashion,” says Miuccia Prada. “But it’s not that I introduced ugliness in fashion, I want to introduce normal life and pure life, and what is around. I want to really try to understand what is beauty and what is a possible beauty today.” In 2014 […]


V28 Fashion – Marni and Brian Rea

Artist collaborations with fashion designers prove that figurative illustrated images are not mere decoration, but instead provide the basis for the design by becoming an integral part of the design process and ultimately the message the designer wishes to convey. Varoom 28 article, Illustrating Prada, revealed the illustrations behind two high profile Prada collections. The […]


Great Sleeve Art and the Creative Fold of Sound and Image

For our Hermenauts issue, we asked illustrators Ellen Weinstein, Ian Wright and Olimpia Zagnoli, designers Mario Hugo and Silvia Sfligiotti and journalist and editor Mark Richardson to reflect on the interpretive power of great sleeve art. John O’Reilly reflects on the creative fold of sound and image Great album art sits between communication and the […]

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Varoom 27: Japanese comics tradition

    The experimental comic books of Seiichi Hayashai are being discovered by a new generation in the West. In Varoom 27, Zoe Taylor explains how his approach transformed a tradition of image-making, and discusses style, process and exploration in an interview with Hayashai himself. Read on for an extract of the interview.   ZT: […]