Varoom 31 – Jason Lamb cover artist

  For the cover of the Visionaries issue of Varoom, Jason Lamb‘s incredibly detailed illustrations from his Frackpool: The Legacy of Hydraulic Fracturing in Blackpool project felt like a perfect fit: imaginative, expansive, beautiful and examining alternative realities for this iconic seaside town. Over an 80 year time span, Lamb’s Frackpool project speculates the transformation of […]


Varoom 31 – Future Imperfect

In Future Imperfect, Zoe Taylor talks to Margot Bowman about her journey as an illustrator, the development of her distinctive style and what it’s like working across different media and disciplines. Zoe Taylor explores the highly original, fantastical work of illustrator Margot Bowman whose eclectic use of media, futuristic narratives and relationships with brands is […]


Visionaries event report

The Visionaries illustration research network symposium was held over 5th and 6th November 2015 at Birmingham City University. We present a short report on the event:   The event was the result of the VaroomLab call for paper on the theme of Visionaries, and investigated the way visionary approaches are able to expand the way […]


Varoom 31 – To Boldly Go

Over the last decade stories on science and technology have been part of the fabric of everyday life. Art Directors, Illustrators and Scientists themselves are rising to the challenge to visualize and explore science in astonishingly imaginative ways, in magazines, illustrated books, installations and games. In the article we talk with three leading figures: New […]


VaroomLab Visionaries – Scientific images

November 2015′s Visionaries illustration conference featured some short Pecha Kucha presentations, and here Jo Berry examines her collaborative work with scientists.  Art made from live scientific images to help and influence how they are visually communicated and distributed. I am interested in working collaboratively with scientists who use digital imaging techniques as a major part of […]


Varoom 31 Children’s Books

Our Children’s Books Contributing Editor Sarah McIntyre selects Liz Pichon’s book Top of the Class.  Liz Pichon is Britain’s reigning queen of illustrated chapter books with her Tom Gates series. Her lettering and line drawings bounce energetically off each other, looking very much like the kind of notebook you wish you’d doodled as a kid in […]


VaroomLab Visionaries – A New Breed

Here we have an extract from Varoom 31 which features some of the short presentations from Visionaries illustration conference. Alice Moloney, one of the presenters, re-imagines some familiar visual and professional forms. A new breed – How should we champion the mavericks and pioneers of the illustration industry? By Alice Moloney  There is a new […]


Varoom 30 – Play: The Art Game

Full article: Any commute will reveal there are as many tapping away on games as there are readers, mailers or folk who actually use their phones as phones. The trade body for the UK games industry, Ukie, estimates that by 2017 the global games market is expected to grow to $102.9 billion. More surprising is […]


Varoom 30 – Play: Inside the Sandbox

How does play help us create, asks Varoom 30? What memories of childhood play do we bring with us to our practice? What does playing do to us as creatives and in our everyday life? Illustrators Marian Bantjes, Jennifer Maravillas, Kristi Minchin, Christoph Niemann and Steve Simpson step inside our imaginary sandbox and reflect on […]