Zodiac 21: # 2 The Sign of the Hive Mind

Zodiac 21:  # 2 The Sign of the Hive Mind Words Paul Morley, Image Quickhoney Plague of sameness, collective consciousness, everyone thinking the same, targeted by the same advertisers turning them into the same sort of consumers, looking at the same thing, worshipping the Na’Vi, Gaga or Sarah Palin. Characteristics: Anxiety, gregariousness, deference, submission, docility, fear of […]

AH_ZodiacBanking Crisis lo res

Zodiac 21: #1 The Sign of The Banking Crisis

#1 The Sign of The Banking Crisis/ #2 The Sign of The Hive Mind/ #3 The Sign of The Wiimote Words By Paul Morley, Images by Ah Studio, Quickhoney, Revenge is Sweet, Si Scott, Antti Uotila, Christian Montenegro, Cristiana Couceiro, Otto, Polly Becker, FrancisFrances, Clara Terne, Mimi Leung.   Intro: Varoom The 12 Signs of the Zodiac […]


Reportage: Reflections & Process

  Gwendi Klisa The Reportage section of Varoom 17 carries work exploring the theatre of human rituals in public spaces. Here we expand this theme with Gwendi’s experience in Malaysia, and she responds to Varoom’s questions below: BRIEF This reportage project was inspired by an illustration course I took at Central Saint Martins. On my […]


LabNotes – SAKS Hotel restaurant

Nicole Ostheimer’s intricate mural for SAKS Hotel looks at food, local history, film and football. She talks to Varoom about the project.  What was the brief? The brief was kept very open. As I was asked to create murals on two walls and a ceiling for the restaurant of SAKS hotel in Kaiserslautern/Germany, the theme […]