Reportage: Richard Johnson

The Kandahar Journal. Richard Johnson is the Graphics Editor at Canada’s national newspaper – the National Post. With a background in illustration and journalism, Johnson has taken his data visualization and visual reportage skills around the globe. As a filmmaker and photographer with the United Nations, Johnson documented rape victim recovery programs in the Democratic […]


The Bibiliophile: by Derek Brazell

Audrey Niffenegger, who spoke at the Boundaries Illustration conference in September 2012, is not only a best-selling author of The Time Traveller’s Wife. She reveals to Derek Brazell her other life as a maker of artist’s books, and her part in a vibrant culture of Chicago bookmakers. The scent of a new book’s paper is […]


Labnotes: Crazy Golf with Bompas and Parr

Summer 2012, Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr opened on the roof of Selfridges. The 9-hole mini golf course explored the culinary duo’s vision of a cake-centric London. Guests used golden golf-balls to conquer the Seven Wonders of London realised as cake inspired obstacles. Bompas & Parr worked with the British Minigolf Association, engineers, set […]


Zodiac 21: #10 The Sign of The Intangible

#10 The Sign of The Intangible/ #11 The Sign of Genetic Engineering/ #12 The Sign of The Mashup Zodiac 21: #10 The Sign of the Intangible Words Paul Morley, Image Clara Terne The Kindle/iTunes/iPlayer etc, books and CDs replaced by gadgets and the cloud, the arrival of a new way of reading, looking, watching, hearing, seeing […]


Zodiac 21: #7 The Sign of Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes

#7 The Sign of Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes/ #8 The Sign of The Sex Scandal/ #9 The Sign of The War On Terror Zodiac 21: #7 The Sign of Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes Words by Paul Morley, Image Cristiana Couceiro The conquering of the planet by all that is fake, plastic and profoundly trivial, the need to be […]


LabNotes: Hartwig Braun Flies Around The Arty Globe

Labnotes discovered the talent behind Monarch Airlines new on-flight products. Hartwig Braun is a succesful illustrator who playfully challenges the rules of perspective, which result in creating adventurous and unique cityscapes. We asked him a few questions about his new project. What was the brief? – To depict eight of Monarch’s international destinations in a […]


Noted: Reflections and Process – Publishing. The Ride Journal

In each issue of the magazine, Varoom features a selection of work chosen by experts in a variety of fields. In issue 18, Jeremy Leslie of Magculture, highlighted The Ride Journal. You could call it just a magazine about cycling, in the same way that would say The New Yorker is just a magazine about […]


Becoming An Illustrator In 2012

  By John O’Reilly Image by Lucy Dodds   Alongside last-minute installation terror, the end-of-year giddiness, the swollen liver, the annual Graduate shows generates a rich vein of new work and brings in its wake a set of familiar questions for those of us passing judgement, from lecturers to trade magazines to the creative industries […]


LabNotes: Tiger On The Loose

Labnotes searched deep into the hidden depths of Tiger beer and found out who was responsible for the impressive giant tiger faces seen around our city streets. Good Wives and Warriors are a creative duo who travel the world collaborating with design companies and creating ad campaigns, as well as exhibiting their own illustrations. We […]