marco Palena

WIA2017 Advertising New Talent Category Winner

Marco Palena was born in Atessa near Chieti and lives in Pescara, Italy. He studied Art at high school and Architecture at university. He has obtained recognition in several illustration competitions.


Facebook: /marcopalenaillustrator 

Represented by:  #logosedizioni

About the Project:
The project: "Blooming bookshops" celebrates every year the blossoming of books and culture in Italy together with the arrival of spring. All the bookshops joining the project are invited to set up a special shop window with flowers and books from different publishers in order to celebrate the return of spring on March 21st.

I wanted to celebrate the arrival of spring, inspired by a quote by Amélie Nothomb: “A true reader is ... a reader who is completely immersed

in the reading of a book and is changed by it, ... a person who is fully open-minded towards the book".

I did some research on flowers.

Graphite and Photoshop.

No, there weren't any.

I learned to appreciate a new means of expression, as it was my first attempt to create a poster.

I was almost completely absorbed in the project, but I kept on working on some other ideas and creations.

I worked on impulse and I completed this project without pausing during a week.

Drawings start out one way, and end up completely different.

I'm only a few years into my experience as an illustrator and I don't feel I'm the right person to give advice. Anyway, I would say you need a lot of patience and perseverance, you have to work hard and don't hurry. You also need a good teacher who teaches you how to express yourself in our own style (and not in theirs!).
You should be self-critical and curious in order to analyse nature very deeply and be able to reinterpret the world and illustrate it in your own personal way.

Palena Palena