When is my entry complete?

The entry will be submitted to the competition once the payment has been made. The website will display a message and you should receive a payment confirmation email. Please check your junk if it doesn't arrive immediately.

Entries that have not been paid for will not be seen by the jury.


Quick guide to the entry form

You can view/download a quick guide to the online form here. The Terms&Conditions also explain what you need to do when using the form to enter the competition.


"Continue" button not working in form

This seems to be a Safari browser issue. 
It sometimes helps just pressing the “enter” button on your keyboard. If this doesn't help please log in using a different browser, such as Firefox, and upload your entry again: http://www.theaoi.com/awards/wia2017/enter.php

Couldflare / captcha message

For added security we use Cloudflare to protect the site form malicious attacks. This software reacts to certain words and special characters, which can trigger it to check that you are human and not a program trying to hack the site. Please just confirm that you are human in the captcha and continue with your submision.

Image preview in form

The little icon preview at the top of your uplaod page might have a black border around it or the image might appear cropped, but it will NOT be cropped. It's just a way how the form displays your thumbnail, so please don't worry.

When does the new competition open?

The World Illustration Awards 2017 will opened in November 2016. Please keep an eye on the website or follow #WIA2017 on Twitter and Facebook for news.
We will accept entries until  February 2017.

Can I change my entry once it's been uploaded?

You can not change any of the associated images for any of your entries, but you can amend the text you have entered, even after payment. 

If you want to change an image or add another one to a "multiple" submission you have to create a new entry and upload the images and text again. 

Please be careful not to delete an already paid for entrya swe will be unable to reimburse you.

But please do delete any abandoned entries.

Problems with payment

We only accept card payments (Credit or Debit cards) though the secure online entry form. 

In the past payment issues were usually due to the card issuer or bank blocking the payment for various reasons such as card details not being entered correctly, not enough funds in the account, an insecure or over-protected network connection or sometimes just a temporary glitch of the website or internet.

Could you please try again. Signing in again here from the Awards page:
Cookies should be allowed in your browser and please don't wait too long before making a payment as the form might log you out if it takes too long. 
Please check the following:
- The card should be a credit or debit card.
- card details entered correctly as they appear on the card registration
- enough funds in the account.
- the bank might have flagged the card because of a failed attempt. Please check with your bank directly if they are blocking the payment
- Firefox seems to work more reliably than Safari on a  Mac and sometimes it helps if you remove the associated cookies from your browser.
- your firewall settings might block the payment – please check them and perhaps switch them off temporarily. Also – if you are in an open network you won't be able to open a secure connection (in a cafe with free WiFi for example). Please try an alternative network at your friends, neighbours or through your phone etc
If the problem persists, please check with your bank first and then could you please send more details with a screenshot of the error message and a weblink where the problem occurred so that we have more details to investigate.
If all fails, please don't worry, we can issue an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer or you can pay over the phone.
We are unable to take payment by Paypal.

Problems not being able to sign in again

You need to register each year for the new competition as we replace the old database. You can re-use your old password.
If you are already registered for this year's competition but have problems signing in again please go to this link to sign in for the Awards:
To sign into your current Worlld Illustration Awards account (WIA) you have to go via the Awards part of the website. The "My Account" at the top of the AOI website is for member and portfolio login only.

Problems with image upload

The images have to have one side at 1600 pixels (the longest side) at 150 dpi in RGB colour as a jpg or jpeg – otherwise the form will not accept the image upload. 
Please check and double check as this is most likely the reason for your image not upoading.

When entering what User Type should I register as?

  • Professional – professional illustrator entering his/her own work.
  • New Talent – Undergraduate Student, Post-Graduate Students and Graduates within two years of graduating submitting his/her own work.
  • Commissioner – commissioner submitting work by a named illustrator or student they have commissioned.
  • Agent – agent submitting work by an illustrator they represent.
  • Tutor – tutor or college representative submitting work on behalf of students.
  • Other – any other third party entering work by an illustrator or student such as a design agency or publisher.

What should I do if I don't receive an registration confirmation email?

Please leave at least an hour to receive your confirmation email.
Check all mailboxes, especially junk and spam.

If nothing arrives please go to this link and follow instructions.

Who can enter?

The World Illustration Awards are open to all illustrators working in ANY medium, context or geographical location. Commissioners and agencies are also able to submit illustration work.

Current AOI staff, members of the board or patrons are not allowed to enter, nor are members of the jury allowed to enter directly, but their work may be entered by third parties. This would be flagged up to the other judges if there is a confilct of interest.

What are the benefits of entering the World Illustration Awards

Entrants have their work seen and judged by industry professionals, which may lead to commissions.

We will promote selected entries as they come in across our social networks.

Shortlisted entrants will have:

  • their work featured on the AOI's website which currently receives an average of 120K hits from around 20K visitors per month
  • their work highlighted in the archive which is permanently featured on the site
  • their work promoted across the AOI's significant industry networks
  • the opportunity to be selected for the London exhibition at Somerset House
  • the opportunity to be selected and featured in an accompanying publication
  • the opportunity to be selected for a touring exhibition which receives over 40,000 visitors every year

    This year all Award Winners will receive a free AOI annual membership and an Affinity Designer software package.

What are the categories?

There are 8 categories: Advertising, Books, Children’s Books, Design, Editorial, Site Specific (formerly Public Realm), Research and Self Initiated. Descriptions can be found in the Categories tab.

What does Category Winner mean?

There will be one New Talent and one Professional Winner for each category. There are 8 categories so there will be 8 New Talent category winners and 8 Professional category winners. The overall New Talent and Professional winner for the year will be selected from the 16 category winners.
Category Winners are guarateed to feature in the exhibition and publication, and receive special promotion.


How many entries will be shortlisted per category?

The number depends on the selection the jury makes. There is no upper limit to the number of works that can be shortlisted because we want to be able to promote as much good work as possible across all disciplines and media. Publishing the work online enables us to be flexible about numbers and respond to what comes into the competition.

Does any work/supporting text need to be translated?

When entering, any supporting text needs to be written in English. If your work is shortlisted to round two judging and, for example, is a book written in another language, it may help to have a translated overview of what it is about.

Where should I enter my work?

If you are a Professional entrant and your project has been commissioned it can be entered into any relevant category, for example, if you designed a poster for the London Underground which advertised perfume, it would come under Advertising. If you designed a mural for a skate park it would come under Site Specific. Projects which haven’t been commissioned must be submitted in Self Initiated. 

If you are a New Talent entrant, you can submit your work into any category, even if it hasn’t been commissioned. For example, whilst at university, if one of your briefs was to design a storybook, this can be entered into Children’s Books.

Please enter or sign in herehttp://www.theaoi.com/awards/WIA2017/enter.php

What qualifies work as a New Talent Entry?

This is determined by when the work was made. If the work was made as a student or alternatively within two years of graduation and within the calendar year of 2016 (up to deadline) it is eligible as a New Talent entry. 

How long after graduating can I still register as a New Talent entrant?

To qualify as a New Talent entrant you must be a current Undergraduate Student or a Post-Graduate Student. You can also enter as a New Talent entrant if it has been no more than two years since you graduated.

Is there a limit on the number of entries I can submit?

No, there is no limit to the amount of entries you make. Entrants can submit as many entries as they choose and in as many different categories as they feel is appropriate.

Can I enter work in more than one category?

Yes, there is no limit on the amount of entries you can submit or the number of categories you enter. 


Can I enter animation, a film or moving image work?

Yes. Work in any media can be entered into any category.

Moving images, animations or films should be uploaded to a permanent link on the internet - such as vimeo or Youtube - and the link entered into the form. Instructions will be in the entry form when you upload entries. You can also include a still as an additional visual aid if you go for a "multiple" entry.

Can I enter the same work in more than one category?

If you have a work that is eligible for more than one category you can enter it into both. If you enter a work into two categories you will have to enter it twice and pay two entry fees. The judges are different for each category and will judge the work within the context of the particular category work they are reviewing.